Sexual Harassment at Work

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ARE YOU BEING HARASSED? Take a look at these scenarios.

  1. A BUZZ IN THE AIR: The sexually charged office can be the result of passing around explicit photos, either printed or via technology. Sharing inappropriate jokes or ongoing comments about others appearance, sexual activity etc. No matter how amusing some find these things, they create an uncomfortable environment for others, creating a possible harassment issue.


  1. LET’S DO DINNER:Uninvited requests to date a boss or even co-workers, or attempts to solicit sexual, or social favors from an employee  in trade for keeping your job, getting a promotion, or other “perks,” are all examples of harassment. Though it can happen between two employees, in most cases this occurs with a person who has authority, and something to bargain with.


  1. BUSY LITTLE BEES: Social media plays a HUGE roll in harassment in today’s workplace. Fortunately, it often provides the proof needed to show the harassment happened. Any manager or coworker attempting to get into your life via social media or posts unwanted things involving you, can all be seen as harassment type behavior.


  1. I’M GONNA GET YOU: Blackmail is often used as ammunition to force a subordinate into behavior or get things done. This is highly inappropriate use of private information and may be a clear basis for harassment.


  1. DID YOU HEAR? If a boss or other employee asks questions or makes suggestions about another’s sexual activity or history, whether true or untrue this may create a hostile work environment.


Office Sexual Harrassment

Clearly, some cases of harassment are more obvious than others, but it is ALWAYS important to record as much detail as you can. You will want to write down the WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE. Also, here is the new law defining sexual harassment in California.




Horny Businessman Texting TYPES OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT

Quid Pro Quo This means, “this for that,” and involves a trade or bargain. In the case of sexual harassment, it can easily escalate from a simple, “Thanks for getting my coffee, I’ll be sure to put in a good word,” to “Why don’t you stay late and help me here, I’ll buy you dinner.” This type of increased attention can become uncomfortable and even threatening, very quickly.

The Hostile Workplace. Many things can create a hostile environment, from sexual jokes and innuendo, to forcing specific, overly suggestive wardrobe requirements for female employees, etc. If you feel the behavior of co-workers or managers in your office is making you uncomfortable, you may have a case. We are happy to answer your questions. Take a look at some of the most famous sexual harassment cases. This may give you some guidance.

You have a limited amount of time to file any case, so please DO NOT WAIT.

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