Labor Unions in California

Labor unions can be described as working persons standing together. There are many benefits for people working together including being able to bargain for better pay and better working conditions. When workers can speak the same voice, they have the power and strength to achieve a lot in a workplace. Below are vital things you need to know about labor unions.


Is it essential to form a labor union?

For many years, workers who have stood together to form a loud voice at their places of work have numerous benefits. However, this concept can only work if a form a union. With a union, you can be able to have fundamental rights such as safety and security mostly denied to most workers. Labor unions also help remedy discrimination since all workers must be treated fairly and equally. Once there is a dispute on the job, management and the union can sit together to solve the problem.


How are labor unions formed in California?

When workers come together with the aim of improving their working conditions, they need to form a union. In most cases, when the majority of workers decide they want to join a labor union, the employers have no choice but to accept. They then ask the government to help them hold an election.

If they win, they discuss a contract with their employer. The agreement defines rights and responsibilities of the workers in the workplace, and both parties are expected to honor the contract.


Are workers joining unions protected by the law?

Workers joining a union are supposed to be protected by the law. According to the law, workers should not be fired or discriminated for deciding to join a union. For instance, it is unlawful for any manager to take away benefits or to fire workers if they choose to form a union. But in most cases, employers ignore the law because the penalties are very weak.


Do we have specific kind of workers who cannot form a union?

No, all workers are free to form a labor union. Today, almost every kind of workers are forming unions. Some of them include nurses, doctors, immigrants, women, digital news staffs, auto parts workers, and home health care workers among many others.


Do unions help working families?

Yes. Unions are formed to help working families. Through labor unions, workers can get better pay and decent working benefits for them and their families. With a good union, it means stronger communities. According to numerous studies, union workers earn more than non-union workers and receive pension and health care benefits that workers without a union.