There are two typical types of harassment cases at work and these are the hostile environment and Quid pro quo. These two often go together. You may check out the Workers Harassment Checklist to find out how your boss stacks up.

Here are cases that helped to change the laws on Sexual Harassment.

minatori al lavoroJenson vs. Eveleth Taconite Co.
The First Class Action Case of Sexual Harassment in the US
This is a 1975 case which turned in to a movie, “North Country.” Jenson, the victim of the case, was among the first ladies who were given the chance to work for Eveleth Iron Mine in the north of the state of Minnesota. She suffered from severe indignities and her supervisor even stalking her. She and her female co-employees experienced harassment from those men who assumed women should remain as plain housewives. The website Sexual Harassment Support says that fear, was the reason why they kept pretending that nothing was wrong for a long time.

Jenson finally decided to file a case in 1984, at the time the abuse hit an intolerable level. It took years for her to meet a lawyer who would help her make the case move forward. In 1998, the women finally got justice to the tune of $3.5 million dollars. The equivalent of $5.2 million today.

Clarence Thomas vs. Anita Hill
The country watched surprised, back in 1991 as Anita Hill, a law professor, spoke out against the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas. Her eagerness to speak out carried the issue to the public and it provided more women the strength and confidence to appear in public and state that they were harassed where they work. Because of this, the number of harassment cases filed greatly increased.

Navy Tailhook “Gauntlet”
While the case of Anita Hill was still fresh, another case of harassment appeared and itFemale soldier in front of US flag involved Paula Puopolo who had been harassed by her fellow Navy men. After she attended the Tailhook meeting held in the city of Las Vegas, Paula was held responsible herself, for being pushed down the long hallway lined by more than 200 intoxicated Aviators, fondling and groping her until Paula met the end, where she was left lying on the ground.

Dick Cheney told her that he had to terminate the Secretary of the Navy because of her. Rear admiral Jack Snyder has been ousted as the outcome of the gross overlook of sexual harassment and proper conduct.
In spite of being told that it would be handled, nobody did anything to address the issue until Paula finally decided to bring her case into the public, and requested the case to be reviewed.

Senator Bob Packwood
The website now (The National Organization for Women) offered a whole section to a harassment case involving Senator Packwood and groups of campaign employees. The case finally forced him to file resignation in 1995.

Inside of a news meeting, the Chair of the Ethics Committee said that there is no workplace in the US that should tolerate the kind of degrading and offensive sexual misbehavior that the Committee found Senator Packwood to be guilty of. It definitely can’t be accepted in the Senate of US.

There are now new laws this year which advance the coverage of the cases of harassment that happen inside the workplace.


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