Areas of Practice

 Areas of Practice

San Francisco Employment Law

United Employees Law Group was built to assist employees like yourself who find themselves asking,
“Is it legal for my employer to…..?”

San Francisco employees who believe their company is violating the California Labor Code, whether a wide spread institutional issue or an individual problem, should seek legal council as soon as possible. Most employment law cases carry a strict statute of limitations, or time limit in which you must file your case.

UELG will always give your case the “full-picture” approach. All employment problems are unique, but many involve more than one area of violation. Quite often, we see clients who call us with one claim and learn they have another, i.e.,they think it  is a harassment case and learn they also have a discrimination or wrongful termination case, or something similar.

More often than not, an employer willing to break or push the limits of one code is likely breaking more than one. Though in some cases this is unintentional, ignorance of the labor laws is not an excuse for breaking them. As an employer it is the company’s responsibility to know and uphold these standards. If they fail to do so you have the right to sue for your damages.

It is for this reason we will collect as much information as we can, so we may look at it  from all applicable angles.

These are the basic areas we will research for violations:

Overtime Violations 
Overtime Exemptions 
Wrongful Termination 
Discrimination at Work 
Sexual Harassment
Class Actions

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