“His [Walter Haines] reputation and skill paved the way for an early settlement of my matter that I was very happy with! I highly recommend him to anyone.”  

Welcome to United Employees Law Group – The San Francisco employment law firm dedicated to assisting employees like you; employees who have fallen victim to unscrupulous or unwitting employers who break the law.

What made me want to practice employment law? That’s easy, I wanted to truly HELP PEOPLE
Over the course of my 35 plus years in practice, I focused my practice in areas where I could help others in a very real and personal way. Though I started as a tax attorney, a truth I hope most have forgiven me for by now, I moved into estate and then business law. I found I was most fulfilled by the cases where I could see that my assistance was sincerely appreciated and made a true difference in my client’s lives.  Over ten years ago my focus turned to helping California employees who have been hurt by there employers, either because they knowingly and criminally broke the law, or because they simply had the bad practice of not paying their employees correctly out of ignorance. In that time, my firm has handled more than 1500 cases, resulting in over $250 million in awards to our clients.

California Employment law has become a true passion of mine and we continue to fight relentlessly for the employees of this great state. It is with this passion and drive that we have produced some of the best results in our area of employment law. We have been largely successful through Class Action Employment Law as well helping to secure compensation for wages, penalties and other damages for large groups of employees.

Are We Really “Different?” It’s easy to say you are different, it’s another thing entirely, to PROVE IT. I believe the word of our clients says it best of all. See  what our happy clients say about us.  As UELG grows in popularity, many of our new clients are brought to us through the referrals of other satisfied clients. These referrals are among my proudest accomplishments. This validation of all our hard work is the greatest thank you we can get!

The UELG Team is Here To Assist you.
I certainly could not achieve this kind of service for my clients without a dynamite support team. Here is the team at United Employees Law Group who are waiting to assist you.


California employment laws can be quite complex, not to mention the steady stream of new cases that impact how those laws will be enforced and their impact on your case. My team stays on top of all the current court decisions that can affect our clients. This relentless research and attention to detail gives you the edge when it comes to fighting for your rights against an abusive employer. As part of our mission to serve and educate employees, we have an extensive blog that discusses many of the issues faced by San Francisco employees today. 

Choosing a top San Francisco employment law firm to take your overtime or labor law case can be a trying decision. I hope that the information you find here will help make that decision a little easier. We believe UELG is the best choice for legal representation. Call today for your FREE CONSULTATION and find out just how much your case is worth.

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