Religious Accommodation in the State of California

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What is Religious Discrimination?

Religious discrimination simply involves treating an individual (an employee or applicant) unfavorably because of his/her beliefs. It can also involve treating a person differently because he or she is married to a person belonging to a particular culture or religion. This write- up will focus on briefing you on what you need to know about religious accommodation in California workplace.

What you Need to Know About Religious Accommodation in the State of California

Religious discrimination claims in most states are routinely filed under Federal law in Federal Court. However, in California, these claims are filed routinely in state court. Attorneys often prefer that since they believe that state law often offers stronger protection for employees when compared with Federal law. This is why you will find most lawyers in California preferring most cases that involve workers to be handled in state court.

Religious Discrimination and Harassment

It’s illegal to harass an individual because of his/her religion not only in work places but also in other places. Examples of harassment scenarios in work places can include a person coming with offensive remarks about another person’s religious practices and beliefs. Basically, despite the fact that the law of California State does not prohibit offhand comments, isolated incidents or simple teasing which are not very serious, harassment is illegal each time it’s so severe or frequent to an extent that it ends up creating an offensive or hostile environment.

Religious Discrimination & Segregation

Title VII of the law governing the state of California prohibits job or work place segregation based on matters pertaining religion (including religious garb as well as grooming practices), like assigning employees to non- customer contact positions due to feared consumer preference.

Religious Discrimination and Work Situations

The law strictly forbids also discrimination based on any aspect of employment such as firing, hiring, promotions, job assignments as well as other condition of term of employment using discrimination religious wise.

Do Employers Have to Give Employees Time off for Religious Holidays?

An employer has to offer a reasonable accommodation to his or her employee if he/she was unable to attend work on a certain day due to a religious observance or holiday. Therefore, it is ideal that you alert your employer on time about the holidays that your religion recognize so that you can make proper scheduling arrangements.

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