Gender Neutral Bathroom Laws in California

The law in California from March 1, 2017, requires single user toilet facilities to be marked as all gender or gender neutral. The law requires code enforcement offers and local authorities to ensure the toilets are marked appropriately. The recent white house action to remove restroom protection for transgender learners is not related to restroom signage requirements for the state of California concerning businesses.


For Businesses

A single user toilet is recognized by law as a toilet facility which has a single water closet and it has a single urinal. It should have a locking mechanism which is controlled by one user at a times as well.

All employers are required to check their signs for compliance. There are two major signs required for the identification purposes in the restroom.

They include the following:

The law requires the toilets to be marked by geometric signs. A circle will indicate the facility is intended for use by females. A triangle indicates the facility is for male and the circle superimposed by a triangle indicates the facility is intended for use by unisex.

The unisex symbol of a triangle superimposed in a circle is the only indicator emphasized by the law in California building code.

There should be a permanent wall mounted designation sign which identifies a toilet facility. The sign should be tactile hence allowing reading by touch. It should indicate the facility is a restroom and the restroom should be designated for either male or female gender.

It should be as well indicated if its use is meant for males, females, or is gender neutral. The signs require the use of pictures and symbols but the facility does not require us the of a picture to identify it. If you are not sure of the sign you should put up in your premises, then it is necessary for you to seek legal advice so that you can make the right decision in the process.

For Owners

If you have a business premises and you have a single user toilet with a gender neutral sign, then you don’t have to do anything further. If you have marked it as male or female but it is a single user, then you need to replace the sign with a unisex sign. The tactical sign has to indicate the facility is all gender, unisex or just indicate it is restroom without any sign in reference to gender.

Most businesses use pictures to indicate toilet facilities. These pictures should be used in compliance with the law so that you can indicate clearly whether the facility is for a male or a female.

If you are confused or unsure in any way, you should get legal advice so that you can know whether the symbol you have put up complies with the building codes and the law. It will potentially save you thousands in future lawsuits.